Holiday Post

I am happy to report that the "Blogless me" family is now vacationing in the south. Beautiful weather - about 30˚ but dry (very different from Belgium) and with a light breeze and at night as low as 14˚, so absolutely perfect.

Thanks to all the ladies from Guute's Antique Quilt Club who offered help with my PDF files problem - you are so sweet!


Guute's Button

This will be a very short post and hopefully the last one without pics. It is just for those of you that have struggled to put Guute's button on their blogs.

When I tried it first time round I had trouble sizing it. It was awkwardly cut in half, so I asked some advice from my better half and here's what we came up with:

In the text you see on her blog between
alt="Guute’s Antique Quilt " 

100 worked best for me, but you can experiment with other numbers to achieve the best size for your blog. 

Good luck with it!