It Is a Sad Day ... Let's Celebrate!

It is a sad day when you wake up to the news that Steve Jobs has lost his battle with a cruel desease.

"A visionary" they call him in tributes that are being beamed at us from every tv station and every internet forum, "a creative genius", "charismatic entrepreneur", "an inventive mind that defined an era". I happen to agree with all these descriptions and I do feel saddened by Jobs' premature passing away. Still, I think that we owe it to him to celebrate his life and the profound impact his creations brought into our lives.

For those of you who live on a far away planet and have not yet seen it - here is how Steve Jobs thought you should live life.


Heart Swap II

My swap partner has received the package, so now I can let you see what I sent her.

I thought she might enjoy having a matching set of hearts to use as charms for scissors, keys or anything else she fancied. 

Then I decided that a bookmark is something we all need, so I made her one as well. I think my hearts were quite well received and have put a smile on her face.

You can have a look at her blog and see for yourself!


Heart Swap

A month ago I was tempted and joined a heart swap organised by Katrien whose blog I follow already for a while. Everybody was assigned a partner to whom we were to send a friendship heart by the end of february. The only requirement was that the heart should have a ribbon attached, so it could be hung to be displayed.

Yesterday I got a package from Anita with the cutest embroidered heart. I wanted to take a picture of it immediately, so I could post about it and let the other participants admire Anita's beautiful work. The weather was sunny, so taking a photo should have been a breeze. Should have ... 

I climbed on a chair in the veranda, so as to profit from better light and snapped a pic with my phone. So far, so good. Then I stepped down and that is when it all went wrong. In a split second my foot got entangled in some scarf, or a pullover that should not have been where they were in the first place. Should not have been ... Then I fell with a heavy thump on the stone floor of the veranda. Oh, how I wished I were a squirrel with a fluffy tail to land on and soften the blow. Luckily, I don't seem to have damaged myself permanently, but I have to tell you that at this moment (about 24 hours later) I still feel a dull pain where my fluffy tail should have been. Should have ... if it wasn't for evolution. 

On a brighter note, thanks to evolution I am able to tell you the story and can eat nuts while warmly snuggled in the sofa, rather that hanging upside down from a branch in the cold. And thanks to Apple designers my iphone, as if by magic, does not seem to suffer any pain after its equally flamboyant journey through the air and landing on the hard floor.

So here is Anita's present for all of you to enjoy. In the end, I did not even use the photo I took myself. I opted for a version my husband snapped of it in the garden.

Hearts are much loved in our family. My daughter never misses an opportunity to make one. Here's what she put on my plate yesterday evening. It's cheese - joy for the eyes and the taste buds!

Thank you, Anita! Your heart is in safe hands and will be well loved! Thank you, Katrien for taking the trouble and organising this swap!