Merry Christmas!


The Beauty and the Beast

First things first - the Beauty...

No fairy tale, no Disney story, no! This is the story of a pattern by Helen Stubbings from Hugs from Helen. She was asking readers of her blog to suggest names for her new quilt.
"Belle of the Ball" was what I suggested and she liked it, so I got the pattern as a sweet "thank you" from her. You should have a look at this beauty. I envy those who can see it in reality but the pictures say a lot already.

So, where does the Beast come into play, then?

Well, this beast was an integral part of the birthday celebrations of a certain 6 year old little lady. A very tasty part, I may add. I think she and her little friends enjoyed the "Dragon Party" for this joyful occasion.

Many happy returns of the day, sweetie pie!


A Comeback

It has been a while since I wrote here last but do not despair, my friends! I hope to be back with a vengeance. Here is a little starter.

About two months ago I was lucky to be able to join the Great Hexagon Quilt-Along (GHQA) blog. They have a pot luck every two months or so and I joined in for the first time. The theme chosen for September was "Dots". I committed to one set of 2x6 hexies and here they are:

I fussy cut this one, so the flower could have either light, or dark centre. It is a very subtle difference in colour and the pics maybe do not do it justice.

I had already cut one more set of 2x6 when I found out that the deadline for announcing submissions  had past. I thought I'll send this set to the winner as well anyway since it was already prepared. My daughter, who closely followed the process of choosing the fabrics, thinks it is the better one of the two.

Today I am sending them to our winner Valentina who has already started assembling flowers with a central hexagon featuring the name and the country of the maker. It will make one beautiful garden, I'm sure.

Dear Valentina, some more work is coming your way!


Holiday Post

I am happy to report that the "Blogless me" family is now vacationing in the south. Beautiful weather - about 30˚ but dry (very different from Belgium) and with a light breeze and at night as low as 14˚, so absolutely perfect.

Thanks to all the ladies from Guute's Antique Quilt Club who offered help with my PDF files problem - you are so sweet!


Guute's Button

This will be a very short post and hopefully the last one without pics. It is just for those of you that have struggled to put Guute's button on their blogs.

When I tried it first time round I had trouble sizing it. It was awkwardly cut in half, so I asked some advice from my better half and here's what we came up with:

In the text you see on her blog between
alt="Guute’s Antique Quilt " 

100 worked best for me, but you can experiment with other numbers to achieve the best size for your blog. 

Good luck with it!



No, it is not about me having giveaways yet. That will happen in due time ...

Judi at Simply this, that and the other is having a giveaway / pay-it-forward of some Hawaiian fabric left from a quilt she made. Have a look at her blog - lots of yummy things to see.

Nedra at Cactus Needle Quilts is doing a five-day giveaway - each day a couple of beautiful fabrics, buttons, notions, patterns, bags, the list goes on, and on, and on ... Be sure to pay her a visit and leave a comment if you'd like to be in the draw. Friday, July 3th is the last day to take part, so hurry up!

And there is more - Kim from bitty bits & pieces is also generously offering goodies. One item seems quite interesting: Texture Magic. It seems to make the fabric three-dimensional and I suspect there are quite a lot of different effects you can achieve using it. Do visit before Kim's deadline July, 4th.

On the home front - I've been struggling to make the button of Guute's Antique Quilt Club smaller. Just managed to do it and was almost feeling victorious when editing disaster struck again - the blogger editing facilities refused to cooperate and I can't undo some changes to the layout that I 've been experimenting with .....aaah! I hope tomorrow the blogging gods will be kinder to me.


Humble Beginnings

t is official now - I have a blog. So, strictly speaking I am no longer "Blogless me", though for the time being I would not mind keeping the name - I kind of like it. Here I shall show you my progress, or lack thereof,  in my patchwork and quilting journey. 
I would love to know who my visitors are and what they think. Please, let me know you passed by and share your thoughts with me. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment!
Good luck to me and see you soon!

Als jullie liever een berichtje in het nederlands willen achterlaten, is dat geen probleem. Tot binnenkort!

Si vous voulez me laisser un message en français, vous êtes également bienvenus. A bientôt!