A Comeback

It has been a while since I wrote here last but do not despair, my friends! I hope to be back with a vengeance. Here is a little starter.

About two months ago I was lucky to be able to join the Great Hexagon Quilt-Along (GHQA) blog. They have a pot luck every two months or so and I joined in for the first time. The theme chosen for September was "Dots". I committed to one set of 2x6 hexies and here they are:

I fussy cut this one, so the flower could have either light, or dark centre. It is a very subtle difference in colour and the pics maybe do not do it justice.

I had already cut one more set of 2x6 when I found out that the deadline for announcing submissions  had past. I thought I'll send this set to the winner as well anyway since it was already prepared. My daughter, who closely followed the process of choosing the fabrics, thinks it is the better one of the two.

Today I am sending them to our winner Valentina who has already started assembling flowers with a central hexagon featuring the name and the country of the maker. It will make one beautiful garden, I'm sure.

Dear Valentina, some more work is coming your way!


  1. Nou zeg, wat ben ik Blij! Ik vind je kleurtjes zo zalig en ik denk that deze lieve Hexies een het heel gezellig vullen vinden in mijn tuintje!
    Hartstikke bedankt, hoor!

  2. Oh I love Hexies...I have done a lot of little projects with them and have a large quilt in progress that will probably take me forever to finish...hugs Khris