I've Got Mail ... Again

The postman came again and he didn't have to ring twice. Look what he brought me:

I love opening envelopes, especially when they contain goodies like that! 

Mary Anne Ciccotelli from Sewing and Beyond sent me a little present for taking part in a quilt quiz on her blog some weeks ago and I was not even the winner! Well, I think that in a way now I am. ;)
In all fairness, the quiz was not easy but I did work hard and got the answers right.

Mary Anne has free tutorials on cutting hexagons from fabric (no template, just a ruler) and on folding hexagons. Check it out - definitely worth trying! 

Now that I have a hexapin myself, I might try and make some for friends using her tutorial.

Thank you, Mary Anne!


I've Got Mail!

... and here is the proof!

The orange envelope lived up to my expectations - that's for sure!

Out came a bag adorned with the cutest fabric collage and a sweet inscription.

And then out of the bag popped the top Emily from Em Celebrates! generously offered me a couple of weeks ago.

She posted about a couple of UFO's in need of a new home and I volunteered to "adopt" one of them. Thank you, Emily, for choosing me to take care of your flower children. I shall nurture them and let them blossom!

Here you can see me taking a picture of the top while profiting from one hour of sunshine (a rare commodity in the last couple of weeks) but for some reason I made a video instead of a simple photo (don't ask!), so if you want to see a better shot of what the top looks like you can peek at Emily's photo of it.

I think I'll let the top hang around while I make up my mind about adding some borders and raid my stash for matching fabric. I'll keep you posted.

BTW if you like looking at gorgeous nature and wildlife photos, do visit Em's blog and enjoy the sight of a mustang (no kidding!), an enchanted tree, majestic scenery, or if you feel particularly adventurous imagine yourself in this picture. Have fun!