I've Got Mail ... Again

The postman came again and he didn't have to ring twice. Look what he brought me:

I love opening envelopes, especially when they contain goodies like that! 

Mary Anne Ciccotelli from Sewing and Beyond sent me a little present for taking part in a quilt quiz on her blog some weeks ago and I was not even the winner! Well, I think that in a way now I am. ;)
In all fairness, the quiz was not easy but I did work hard and got the answers right.

Mary Anne has free tutorials on cutting hexagons from fabric (no template, just a ruler) and on folding hexagons. Check it out - definitely worth trying! 

Now that I have a hexapin myself, I might try and make some for friends using her tutorial.

Thank you, Mary Anne!


  1. I am glad that you like the Hexapin. I sure had fun making them. If you have friends that would like to have a chance to win a Hexapin, I am hosting another give-a-way.

    Enjoy and beware - Fabric Folding can be addictive!

    Mary Anne Ciccotelli

  2. Zlatka, enjoy your pin!
    I finally figured out the "Followers" thing-y! hee-hee...
    So I am your Follower now, too! We can just keep following eachother!
    Thanks for your wonderful suport...
    Kisses for sunshine girl!

  3. Thank you for your comment on my giveaway post, I am pleased to hear you find my Tutorials easy to follow.
    Good luck with the hop draws, Happy Easter, Juliet

  4. Oh how wonderful! I love this!!!
    So glad you came to visit me so that I can find YOU!

  5. The brooch is lovely! Lucky you! I'm intrigued to find out how to cut hexagons using a ruler - they are devils to cut out usually!