A Rant About Blogging, Following and a Discovery

I am a blog reader that prefers to subscribe to blogs in my Google Reader, rather than officially follow them . The reason is that I like to read a blog for a certain time and see whether I am really interested in what goes on there. I would not like to "follow" somebody for a while and then disappoint them by "un-following", or is it "de-following".

I should confess that I seriously dislike the way some people insist on one being a follower of their blog, Facebook page, even Twitter account  in order to participate in polls, giveaways or discussions. I do understand that often there are commercial pressures for some of them to demand it, but I still believe that there should be a degree of separation between sharing and hard sale. The former, for me, makes the blogosphere the interesting, funny, cosy, amusing and warm place bursting with ideas that one can visit to relax, or recharge creative batteries. The latter can appear occasionally but should not usurp the attention in my opinion. I do not mind when there is a reference to one's Etsy shop, or other personal commercial website - it's only fair and convenient to direct your visitors to the place where they can find your products. What gets me are the dozens of adds and "sponsors" that cloud the space and often have very little to do with the spirit and the content of the blog. Do people really fall for such blatant advertising, I often ask myself? Isn't it counter productive  for the blog in the long term? There are less intrusive, more elegant ways to do it, so that it does not interfere with the reading when you do not want the publicity, yet it is there to access by the people that want it.

"Sew Many Ways" is one of the blogs I have in my Google Reader for a while already. I love the way Karen thinks of unusual applications for pretty trivial tools in her  "Tool Time Tuesday" posts. I like her no nonsense, to-the-point style in her tutorials and her "Blog Buddy" helpful ideas. You might like to read her very pragmatic and intelligent analysis of what makes a good blog in a recent post. It seems her musings on blogging have provoked lots of comments and one of them touched her profoundly. She went to visit the person who left the comment and she discovered  "Patchouli Moon Studio" blog.

Well, I went to check it for myself and found some beautiful creations. You might want to see it too.

Sewing machine cover
The lady above has a couple of friends, that are just as whimsical and most certainly fun to have around in your sewing room.

Daryl from "Patchouli Moon Studio" also knits the most adorable baby hats and toys. Here's a small example to give you a flavour of what she can do.

Knitted toy snake

On her blog there are more creations that will put a smile on your face and make you wish you were her grandchild.

Pay her a visit and see for yourselves. I am sure you'll go back for more!


  1. Hello and let me be the first to make a comment here. I just read your comment on my blog and then hopped on over to see what you had to say here on your blog. I really couldn't have said it any better about what you said about following blogs, Facebook and the like. I have never signed up for Facebook because you have to give too much information BEFORE you even can see what it's all about, the same for other sites. That's what I like about blogging, that I can "lurk" without having a password, etc. Then I can decide to follow when I want to or if I want to.

    Thank you for so much for the kind words you had to say about my blog via Karen's Sew Many Ways blog. Suddenly I have comments and followers and I'm sure lots of lurkers too and it's all great.

    I enjoyed taking a quick peek here at yor blog too and I'll be back when I have more time to give it a more thorough look.
    Daryl from Patchouli-Moon-Studio Blog

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